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THE SWEET SPICE                              

         Manas and writing on something is itself a comical thing. But in the journey of  life some unwashed memory and people around you make you feel writing, and I `m not an exception to it. I was exhausted using Buzz, Facebook and Twitter so I thought of writing blog on out of the ordinary day which i have encountered in past times.

2010 Pune, First rain…Heavy Rain…Getting Heavier….

My cab driver took to the wheels and drove me back home from office (SunGard to be precise..coz I feel proud of being a part of it) I love my job for 2-3 reasons.

1st – I love coding. Programming is my passion (Mainly because I am good at it or say it’s my passion and that’s why I am good at it)
2nd – I get good money (here good means enough to satisfy basic needs and enough to fulfill some of the non-basic ones)
And 3rd – My job timing is 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. which is nothing but fantastic except that I have to get up early morning sacrificing my dearest, closest, favouritest, loveliest and sexiest SLEEP. But I can afford to do that because then I get quite a lot of time in spare for doing my stuff(e.g. chatting with friends, resting, roaming and most important being with myself)when rest of the world is working. That’s one of the best feelings. So I sum up my happiness in these few things.
I was hungry (no words to explain the intensity) No…I got few…Kutta bhi kaat ke kha jau itni bhukh…So my cab drops me at my place. I go up running just to know that there is nothing to eat. I see outside though there was no reason to watch the rain, the sounds of it striking the roofs were enough. But still (aadat se majbur) Coz I was taught –Beta sirf apni aankhopar hi vishwas karna…My increasing hunger would have killed me but I requested it to wait for some time. Knowing that nothing can change I changed my clothes and I sat helplessly. Took my mobile (thank God for my life saver machine-my cell). I forwarded a message to my niece(SAM) . Luckily she replied. Then I asked her what I can eat. She said “MAGGI”.(2 minutes popped into my head).I have put on the antic jacket just sack of it & went to a shop about 5 mins walking distance. I was drenched completely but got the Maggie. I was about to start the gas…No lighter or machis!!I am intelligent enough to ask for machis to neighbor instead of going to the shop again. I did it. I got machis. So I turned on the gas knob for the 1st time and it turns out that it was automatic and so doesn’t need machis. I smiled and went to the neighbor to return his machis. I was talking with him and the wind blows and shuts the door in front of my eyes…I am again helpless standing outside the door without keys. The only good thing I could do at that time was smile. And so I did it.
                    My sweet little cell was with me.(God was generous). I was wearing half pants. I was shedding inhibitions to dress up in half pants and go everywhere that seemed to be confined to my home and at the max my building. I saw my cell and it was not a surprise for me that the battery was very low. The cell was about to die before me. I asked one small kid for a paper and pen and immediately noted down my roommate’s number. (I am really good at rescuing people and this time I counted myself among those needy people..finally my brain to the rescue.) I called up my roommate. He was stuck somewhere by the God’s grace- THE RAIN. But he passed on some valuable information ‘arre yar that kamwali aunty has one key..get it from her, stupid’. I didn’t mind being called stupid at that point of time (otherwise I never allow someone to go in that territory). Suddenly I felt so happy…like I got water in Sahara.
                   I went there and again came back with one more reason to smile. Kamwali aunty had gone for a wedding and was expected to come back around 9 p.m. My stomach was not even in a condition to shout. My face was pale. Arms tired. Brain exhausted. My smile passed away and gave place to frowns. All I know is I was making a fool of myself every time but sometimes it’s good to get out of our comfort zone. With whatever tiny tiny energy left in me I zeroed in to go on 4th floor at my yoga teacher`s place. She was my favorite because she is very nice and she is nice because she gives me tea, coffee, snacks and such stuff many times. I walked off in a huff. Aunty was somewhat busy in something (I could not concentrate on her tasks) She greeted me with a smile which reminded me of mine which was fading. I was lucky enough to restore it back in front of her.
She asked-‘What happened Manas?’
I- ‘I am going through such difficult times today’
And I narrated everything …
She- ‘Don’t worry and don’t panic. Calm down.
        Nothing much has happened to you. It’s a part of life’ 
I- ‘I want one more thing to be a part of my life right now.’ 
She- what? 
I –‘TEA’ (Tea is like a catalyst for me) 
She smiled. 
I – ‘Can you give me 1 cup of tea then only I will calm down.’ 
She -’ sure’.
                      I settled down, got my tea and was happy. This phase of my life was HAPPINESS. My dejection had passed off. The proper object of life is happiness and I promised myself much happiness ahead. I needed one such break, one such day, one such fun, one such memory…and I got one.
Thanks for reading! Hope you get somthing out of it. 🙂

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